Go Badgers

The University of Wisconsin’s football organization pays a ‘Thank You’ at every home game by honoring a ‘Military Family of the Game’.  On saturday night 13-year-old Bella Lund was brought to the field for what she thought was to stand as the chosen family member.  A voice began speaking over the stadium’s sound system.

“We salute Bella’s mother, Captain Jane Renee Lund, better known as J.R. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, J.R. functions as a veterinarian in U.S. Army Reserves. Since April, she has been serving our country in Afghanistan providing agricultural education to Afghans and providing care to military working dogs. Once her tour is complete, J.R. plans to return home in October to be reunited with Bella and the rest of her family.  But Bella, sometimes plans change.  Ladies and gentlemen at this time, please direct your attention to the south end zone, and Bella turn around and welcome home your mother, Captain Jane Renee Lund!”

Lund, a University of Wisconsin Alum stormed the field to meet her daughter for the first time in five months in front of over 80,000 attendees.  Both Wisconsin and Purdue fans cheered wildly at the reunion all while aired on TV during an extended time out.


Jane Renee and Daughter Bella Lund reuniting during the University of Wisconsin’s ‘Military Family of the Game’ — host.madison.com